Lincoln Arnold ND.RP.MG was trained as a Naturopathie physician in the United Kingdom and furthered his studies in United States of America , Africa, India , China and Jamaica. Lincoln Arnold ND. RP. MG has a masters in British Jamaican Association of Integrative Medicine.

Mr. Arnold also has 30 years experience in security management. He has 10 years experience with the Guards Man Group of companies, 10 years security experience as a senior coordinator for the Port Bustamante from Western Terminals,Kingston Wharves and Kingston Terminal operators with the customs.

He also has 35 years of experience in Real Estate from working with Aero-con Construction/ NATCOM Development, building housing schemes and private homes. Hes been working with children for the past 20 years, helping them to  build their talents and academic skills,winning trophies and medals from JCDC,NEXT,Step educational services providence kindergarten school and other educational institutions.

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